Tuesday, September 6, 2011

If we didn't have bad luck, we'd have no luck at all....

Oh the day I've had...

let's rewind, shall we??...

On Sunday our car was stolen!  Right out of the driveway of a family members house!  My brother in law had driven the car there and when he went to leave the car was gone!  Can you believe that?

They called the police, who wouldn't take the report because the car wasn't registered to them.  When I finally found out what was going on and made the call, I was told that if I wanted to file a complaint I had to be inside the city limits.  REALLY??  SO, Hubby and I go to Kelly's house (their cousin) and wait for an officer to arrive so I can finally report our car stolen.  I called 911 at 12 am.  The officer finally arrived at 6:30 am.   They're so quick, right?  The officer took the same information that the 911 lady took 6.5 hours earlier. Thanks for wasting my time, buckwheat.

Fast forward to this morning.  We get a call that our car has been found.  Hallelujah!!!  After calling the records department about 3,500 times and getting no answer, my father in law and I take off for the police department.  45 minutes and $160 later (yes, if your vehicle is stolen YOU, the vehicle owner, must pay for it.  Lovely isn't it?) we got the release paper to take to the impound lot.   We go to the impound lot and get all that fun stuff squared away and are ready to take the rescued car home only to figure out that the transmission is completely jacked.  The lovely people who stole our car had no idea how to drive a stick and there for drove it till it wouldn't drive any more. The car wouldn't go into any gear, at all.

The best thing I could do was sell it to the impound lot for $300. 
(which turns out to be $140 once you subtract the $160 for the cost of impound)

ugh, ugh, ugh

Welcome to my unlucky world.

Please leave your horseshoes, trolls, and four leafed clovers at the door.