Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Let's get Carbonated!

...or not.  I am SO proud of myself!  Today I am 31 days pop free!  I don't think that pop was a really big part of my diet before because I haven't noticed a weight loss.  Or it could be that I replaced it with raspberry tea.  Let's go with the first..makes me feel better about myself!  Hubby has been taunting me with Pepsi the last week.  He'll take long drinks and tell me how delicious the bubbles are.  Meanie!  I so badly want to buy a fountain pop tomorrow between my lab and lecture but I'm on the fence about it.  It's already been 31 days...why not make it 32 and then 33 and so on?  But Hubby and his darned delicious bubbles are making it hard for me resist!  AH!! 

Number 24...DONE!!

Monday, January 30, 2012

Snow Fest!

Hubby and I along with our niece, Dayton, and some friends went to Snow Fest in Frankenmuth on Friday night.  It was cold!  We had fun despite the coldness!

How cool are these snow sculptures?!

The mirror maze was a ton of fun! It was really expensive, though. Regular price was $8 per person, no matter the age. As it turns out, I had the hook-up! I went to high school with the woman who ran it. Score!

Before we went on Friday night, I had already planned to take Dayton and Ella (another one of our nieces) on Saturday. So we got to go two days in a row. Lucky us!

It was really cold and windy on Saturday so we didn't do much. We did go to the petting zoo though!

Ella took one look at the camels and said, "I don't like the camels, Uncle Buddy."  So cute!

Dayton kept calling the goats baby camels. HA!
Then we did pony rides! The girls LOVED this part. Who wouldn't?  I made them wave at me!

Since it was so cold we decided to take the girls to McDonald's for lunch and some playplace fun. I think they enjoyed their day!

Friday, January 27, 2012

High Five Friday!

It's time for.... 



My MIL is hosting her work Bunco game tonight.   I get to be a substitute:)  If  you're not familiar with Bunco, here is a description that I found that really sums it up!

Bunco is a social event. It's a party. It's a blast! Twelve of us get together once a month, leaving the cares and worries behind, and leaving the kids with their fathers or baby-sitters. We fall off our diets, snacking on M&Ms, Chex-Mix, or anything else we can get our hands on.  We have appetizers, a (usually) delicious dinner, and seconds on dessert. We drink our favorite spritzer, Chardonnay, or Drink-of-the-night, and we talk. We talk about our kids. About the neighbors. About anyone who didn't show up. About our husbands, our jobs, their jobs, the builder in our community, TV shows, current events, and anything else that might tickle our fancy. Oh yeah, and we play a silly, mindless dice game with wild abandon!

I woke up on time, did both my hair and make-up, and arrived to all my classes before they started.  That's a HUGE accomplishment in my life.  I am always running just a minute late, I prefer to just pull my hair back in a pony, and don't usually put on make-up (because Hubby says I'm beautiful without it-so sweet).  High Five!

Not me.  I freakin' wish!

This pretty much made my week:

If you can't read it, go here.
I discovered that I truly enjoy old black and whites. I watched The Thin Man this week and LOVED it!

I got my button to stick! Then I tried to make another one and somehow messed up the first one. I'm back to square one. But, I did get it to stick for a while!

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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Auto Incorrect

I'm up to my eyeballs in homework. YouTube and Ellen are my escape! Enjoy :)

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Oh, How Pinteresting!

This weeks theme: DIY

Hot Iron Sleeve: Genius.  Pinned here.

Upholstered Box Springs.  Pinned here

Mason jar storage. LOVE! Pinned here

Starburst Mirror. Pinned here

Home made pore strips. Pinned here

Cute upcycled boxes. Pinned here

Magazine rack. Pinned here

Key identifier idea. LOVE! Pinned here

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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Blogging it up like Barney Stinson

I have come to the conclusion that I enjoy blogging. I find myself saything the phrase "I can put that in my blog" quite often. Hello Barney Stinson! HAHA! So I was thinking that I'm going to start making a Saturday post called Hey Good Lookin'! Whatcha Got Cookin'? Perhaps maybe make a button for it? Do a linky party?  Both?  Not sure, yet. Time will tell. I love to cook and show off what I've made and I think dedicating a specific day to that would be fun. Also, I think I'm going to start doing a Skincare/Make-Up Tip of the Week in my sidebar. I was the Manager of Estee Lauder while we lived in Louisiana and I learned so many interesting things while working there. I found that most women think that skincare routines/makeup application is much more difficult that what it really is. Plus, I love to share my knowledge! I'll share this first week's tip here but I think that I'll just change them each week without a post.

  Here is this week's tip!

Always, always, wear a moisturizer under your make-up. It will actually change the color and texture of your foundation! Don't believe me? Try this: rub a dab of moisturizer on the top of your left hand. Now, take a cotton ball and rub it in your face powder and then rub it on the back of your mositurized left hand AND your un-moisturized right hand. See the difference?

Don't forget to start checking my sidebar every week for a new skincare or make-up tip!

Monday, January 23, 2012

'ello, Gov'na!

Fantastic news!  My ear popped!  Oh, wait...backup Trish.  Ok, I've had this HORRIBLE sickness since Thanksgiving I think.  This lingering cough that, sometime around New Years Eve, decided to turn itself into a full fledged bronchial/nasal mess. While doing so my left ear decided to go out of commission and get plugged.  So for the last three weeks it's been like I've had a piece of cotton wedged deep in my ear.  Hard of hearing doesn't even begin to describe the number of "Huh?", "What's that, baby?", "What did they just say?" and other such things that I have said over the last three weeks.  I've also been able to hear myself chew.  I don't recommend this to anyone.  I've had no joy the last few weeks.  BUT THEN...I came home from class on Friday and had to blow my nose, again, and felt the awesomely painful pop in my ear!  It was GLORIOUS!  I could hear!  The rest of the weekend has been a series of pops in my ear so hopefully the end of "I beg your pardon?"  is coming!

In other news I spent the better part of yesterday afternoon making this necklace (please don't mind the string ends that are still there, I need to superglue the knot before I cut them off):

It's for one of my BIL's girlfriend. Her 17th birthday is Friday.  My MIL had the idea for the bracelet (which she made) and I decided that a necklace was to made as well.  The bracelet is made from all sorts of buttons.  There are four in the middle that will have special meaning to her.  They are from her Nana and Papa.  Her Papa has passed sometime recently and she was very close to him.  The necklace is suppose to be off set.  Hopefully it turn out that way on her! I hope she likes it, too.  It took me forever to get those darned buttons to stay collected together like that.  I had a few more and one by one they didn't make it into the bunch. My MIL really liked it.  She kept asking me where the necklace for J was because she wanted this one!

I'm off to get ready for class.  I think I might actually try to style my hair today!  We'll see how I feel after my shower!  HA!

How'd your weekend go??

Friday, January 20, 2012

High Five Friday!


This week also had 5 super, fantastic things in it!  AWESOME!

I have officially started school!  Read about it here.

I got a note in the mail from my cousin, Angela.  She lives in Washington and I miss her so much!  We were so close growing up.  We had almost everything the same.  As a matter of fact our wedding anniversary's are two days apart!  I'm pretty sure that the last time I saw her was at my wedding almost 4 years ago!

It's been so long that I couldn't find a picture of the two of us together :(
I FINALLY changed my blog setup.  I've been wanting to do it for quite some time and decided yesterday was the day!  It's not so busy now and I like it! 

I made a button!  Doesn't sound like much but it's success in my book.  I just can't get it to stick right.  Maybe it'll be on next week's HFF??  We'll see!

I've been asked to be a guest blogger!  AND I get to talk about coupons.  How awesome is that??!! I'll keep you posted for my big debut. HAHA

Check her out!

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Thursday, January 19, 2012

School Days

Well, folks, I have officially started school.  Yesterday was my first day of classes.  I can't tell you how different it feels to go because you want to instead of going because someone tells you to.  I have so much more appreciation for the things I am being taught.  I'm so excited about this!  Hubby keeps joking with me and says, "You'd better do good so you can find a job and then I don't have to work anymore."  HAHA   Our goal is for me to finish and find an RT position (hopefully) nearby somewhere and then he and his best friend want to open a car garage.  They want to buy cheap cars that need repairs, fix them up, and then sell them for $3,000 or less.  I think it's a fantastic idea. And in this area a car lot with that price tag will be a hit!  It's so much fun to make goals and imagine where the future will take you.

First day of school pic that I sent my Momma!
Number 93 done!

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

You've been Pinned!

I have decided to dedicate this week to drinks and laughs.  I'm just in that kind of mood today.  Here goes!

Every time. Pinned here.
Strawberry-Peach Sangria.  YUM!  Pinned here.

I've thought about keeping phone books in Mini. Pinned here.
Blueberry Vodka Lemonade.  Pinned here.

This should be a mandatory rule.   Pinned here.
Raspberry Lemon Drop.  Pinned here.
True Story. Pinned here.
Fruity wine.  Yes, please!  Pinned here.

This is how it works at my house. You too?  Men.  Pinned here.

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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Mr. Smooth Cheeks

Hubby and I spent the day together last week. We didn't do anything spectacular but I always enjoy running around town with him. I took a profile picture of him because he recently shaved! He looks so different!

The result of No Shave November...and December...and some of January!

Mr. Smooth Cheeks!  HAHA
We went to Gander Mountain to exchange some slippers he got for Christmas.  We ended up returning them because they didn't have any more camo slippers.  So he decided that he'd just pick up a pair from Wal-Mart.  They didn't have any either.  So now I'm on an internet hunt for camo slippers that he will wear.  Which turns into shoe/purse/everything else shopping for me.  Needless to say I haven't found his slippers yet!  HAHA  Then he took me to my FAVORITE place to eat. 
Hubby knew our waiter and we were conviently seated right under the TV so Hubby had the perfect front row seat to Sports Center. That left for little conversation because he was so distracted. I decided to play with the settings on my camera.

Hubby's pop.  I haven't had pop all year! 
Guess what?  Heinz uses recycled material for their Ketchup bottles.  
Since we were there before half off appetizers started we actually got meals! HAHA

Well, we still had to get ONE appetizer. 
Hubby ordered a Bacon Burger (big surprise there) and I got the Oriental Chicken Salad. I was disappointed with it. It tasted ok but it wasn't like the last one I had. I probably won't get it again.

After dinner we went to see some friends of ours, Larry and Sarah.  It's always a pleasant visit with them!  And then we headed on home.  It took a while because it started snowing and the roads were slick. So there was lots of time for conversation.  I made a comment about the pitch (how steep) of the roofs of the houses we were driving past. They are much more steep in Michigan than Louisiana because of the snow we get here.  Hubby responded with something about how I wouldn't know how to use that word (pitch) if it wasn't for him.  He said I would have described it as "the pointyness of the house" and would have used a variety of hand gestures.  I started laughing so hard.  He was completely right.  Sounds just like something I would say.  But, that's one of the reasons he loves me! 

I really enjoyed the day we spent together so I'm calling it a "date day."  Only 31 more dates to go!