Monday, January 16, 2012

Ode to my Computer's not really mine. I won't be purchasing such a wonderful thing until the first week of February.
I think that this is the one?!?
 But, that is neither here nor there.  The purpose of this post is to simply ask, "What would you do if you're computer stopped doing it's wonderful magic and went to computer heaven?" 

Hubby and I had a nice desktop when we got married.  Then, after we moved to Louisiana, I sold it.  It sat in our closet for a year before I sold it.  It's not that I didn't want to use it but rather I couldn't. When we moved to Louisiana I didn't know that they would be 20 years behind the rest of the nation. Our only option for TV was satellite and the only option for internet was....dial up! Needless to say I was NOT going to go that direction.  So we just let our computer sit in a closet and gather dust.  We did eventually move into town where cable and high speed internet were available but by that time I was so use to doing all my internet things on my phone that we just never bought another one.  Since moving back to Michigan and living in a house that now has 4 laptops in it I have become quite addicted to having the full computer experience again.

And then yesterday my world crashed.

Pun intended.

The charging cord to the laptop quit.  What about the other computers, you ask?  One is one of my BIL's and it's a Mac.  I know how to work a Mac for all intense and purposes but I'm not as quick and it annoys me.  Also, he needs it for classes.  One has a virus.  The last is identical to the one I am currently typing on but it's charger is also on strike.  So that left nothing.  ACK!  My mind started circling in crazy directions.  Classes officially started today (except campus is closed for MLK day).  How would I stay connected to my classes via Blackboard (online site that corresponds with your classes) without Computer?   What about my writing class?  Where is the nearest library to my in-laws house?  How would I cross check the coupon list with the weekly ads? What about my BLOG? And the Blogs I read everyday?  I felt lost!  Which got me thinking about how much our lives are dependent on technology.  Are we capable of "switching off"...ever? 


Light Bulb!!!

What if I played the switcheroo game with the cords?  Use this piece from one and that piece from another?  Hallelujah!  It worked.  Problem solved.  Hello Facebook, Gmail, Blogspot, Blackboard, Amazon, Craigslist, Google......what was I talking about before?


Liz with the Lovely Life said...

YOU ARE SO RIGHT!! I don't know what I would do if my precious little mac crashed on me but it sure is a scary thought.

I mentioned you today in my post because I decided I really wanted to do some of your 101 in 1001 ideas for my 2012 bucket list- Check it out!

Also I was wondering if there was a way I could get a hold of you (maybe email) because I have a proposition for you :) Happy Monday! Glad you got the technology figured out!

Trish said...

I saw your list and thought it was awesome!! Also, I sent you a message to the email listed on your blog.