Friday, January 13, 2012

High Five Friday!

It's that time, again!  Here are my top five from this past week!

Cleaning out Mini.  I know cleaning out a mini van doesn't sound exciting but, Hubby has been driving it and TRASHED it.  It was nice to get all that crap out of there!

Spending the day with Hubby.  I love when have that time :) 

My first coupon "haul" of the year.  I don't think I did too bad. Hopefully I will have made a nice little stock by the time Hubby and I FINALLY move.

3 Tuna pouches, 9 pudding snack packs
10 Old Spice Deodorant, 5 Herbal Essence items, 5 Gilette body washes, 5 Old Spice body washes, 2 Head and Shoulders
Paid $20
Saved $95

We have snow!  I will only be excited about this today because it's the first REAL snow we've experienced since winter 2007.  After this I will be counting down the days till spring!

I have 3 followers!  I feel so special!  Thank you to those 3 beautiful women for thinking that I am interesting!  Check them out!

Katie @ Unconventionally Graceful
Lesley @ My Lively Mind
Liz @ Liz's Lovely Life

Go check out Lauren at From My Grey Desk Blog and join her High Five for Friday Fun!!


liz_oosterhof said...

I LOVE that you coupon- you will have to do a post someday about your tricks because it's something I'd love to try but have no idea where to start! Also- it was great learning about you in the little game- I just discovered John Grisham because of my husband this summer and i have read 4 books thus far and right now I am reading the Pelican Brief..he has every Frisham book so I think A Time to Kill will be my next!

Trish said...

Couponing is SO much fun! I'm sure you would enjoy it. It's crazy how exciting it is to get deodorant for six cents! I have a small draft started(meaning it has a title and maybe a single number) explaining my coupon strategy. I guess I need to finish it soon!

As for John Grisham- LOVE his books. They flow wonderfully and suck me right in. My aunt turned me on to his books about 10 years ago and I've loved him ever since. Read A Time to Kill and then watch the movie. Both are awesome!