Monday, January 30, 2012

Snow Fest!

Hubby and I along with our niece, Dayton, and some friends went to Snow Fest in Frankenmuth on Friday night.  It was cold!  We had fun despite the coldness!

How cool are these snow sculptures?!

The mirror maze was a ton of fun! It was really expensive, though. Regular price was $8 per person, no matter the age. As it turns out, I had the hook-up! I went to high school with the woman who ran it. Score!

Before we went on Friday night, I had already planned to take Dayton and Ella (another one of our nieces) on Saturday. So we got to go two days in a row. Lucky us!

It was really cold and windy on Saturday so we didn't do much. We did go to the petting zoo though!

Ella took one look at the camels and said, "I don't like the camels, Uncle Buddy."  So cute!

Dayton kept calling the goats baby camels. HA!
Then we did pony rides! The girls LOVED this part. Who wouldn't?  I made them wave at me!

Since it was so cold we decided to take the girls to McDonald's for lunch and some playplace fun. I think they enjoyed their day!

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