Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Mr. Smooth Cheeks

Hubby and I spent the day together last week. We didn't do anything spectacular but I always enjoy running around town with him. I took a profile picture of him because he recently shaved! He looks so different!

The result of No Shave November...and December...and some of January!

Mr. Smooth Cheeks!  HAHA
We went to Gander Mountain to exchange some slippers he got for Christmas.  We ended up returning them because they didn't have any more camo slippers.  So he decided that he'd just pick up a pair from Wal-Mart.  They didn't have any either.  So now I'm on an internet hunt for camo slippers that he will wear.  Which turns into shoe/purse/everything else shopping for me.  Needless to say I haven't found his slippers yet!  HAHA  Then he took me to my FAVORITE place to eat. 
Hubby knew our waiter and we were conviently seated right under the TV so Hubby had the perfect front row seat to Sports Center. That left for little conversation because he was so distracted. I decided to play with the settings on my camera.

Hubby's pop.  I haven't had pop all year! 
Guess what?  Heinz uses recycled material for their Ketchup bottles.  
Since we were there before half off appetizers started we actually got meals! HAHA

Well, we still had to get ONE appetizer. 
Hubby ordered a Bacon Burger (big surprise there) and I got the Oriental Chicken Salad. I was disappointed with it. It tasted ok but it wasn't like the last one I had. I probably won't get it again.

After dinner we went to see some friends of ours, Larry and Sarah.  It's always a pleasant visit with them!  And then we headed on home.  It took a while because it started snowing and the roads were slick. So there was lots of time for conversation.  I made a comment about the pitch (how steep) of the roofs of the houses we were driving past. They are much more steep in Michigan than Louisiana because of the snow we get here.  Hubby responded with something about how I wouldn't know how to use that word (pitch) if it wasn't for him.  He said I would have described it as "the pointyness of the house" and would have used a variety of hand gestures.  I started laughing so hard.  He was completely right.  Sounds just like something I would say.  But, that's one of the reasons he loves me! 

I really enjoyed the day we spent together so I'm calling it a "date day."  Only 31 more dates to go!

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liz_oosterhof said...

Aren't date days the greatest!!