Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Oh, How Pinteresting! Except it's not

I LOVE Pinteresting Wednesdays.  


I do not, however, like making the post.  

This is my process...

Find the pin I want to show.

Right click: Save as...etc.

Copy the pin location.

Go to blog post opened in different window.

Add pin picture.

Add caption to picture.

Highlight caption and choose link.

Paste link into caption.

Repeat 9ish more times.

(this is why I haven't been posting on Wednesdays.  Seriously, this girl doesn't have time for that nonsense right now!)

I'm sure I'm just out of the technology loop on this.  There HAS TO be a better way to do this, right??

Monday, May 21, 2012

Laundry Day

I am doing home!

That's right, kids, we're moving up in the world!  It has been a long 2 months hauling our laundry back and forth to my Dad's house.  It also means that my washing machine is no longer hanging out in my living room!  

Fancy, I know.

Over the weekend Grandma and I bought the sink base cupboard, and counter top for the kitchen and the stand up shower for the bathroom.  I'm hoping for instillation this weekend!

the shower via menards
natural limestone counter top via mendars

Slowly but surly we are getting things done on the house.  My new goal is to have it all done by our anniversary in June!

Thursday, May 17, 2012

A little o this and a little o that

I have been so crazy busy these last few weeks.  BLAH!  

I'm officially a registered CPR person.  GO ME!

My bathroom currently looks like this:

Fun stuff, right?

Yes, let's have an exam on the third day of this class! I'll be ready with bells on at noon!

So much fun!  Note: Sarcasm

They seem happy...

Don't let them kid you...they just want treats!

In other such news/ramblings...I named my un-opened Etsy shop!

Dirt Road Gems...Coming Soon!

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

AH! I got to open the box!!!

Finally opening the box that's been siting by my bed for a week!

Cute card, awesome doggie paw mug (cuz I LOVE my fur-babies), and a sweet charm :)

Thanks, Ashley!  I love it!  

Check out what I sent Ashley! 
Thrifty & Nifty Modern Day Momma

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Coffee cups and postal boxes

Today I noticed a box at my door when I got home from couponing.  

Guess what it was?!?!  My coffee cup swap!

How fantastical!!

And then I thought to myself...I wonder if she got mine??

And then...

I see a box sitting in my living room.

Guess what it was?

Nope, not a box of money.  Shucks.

It was the box for my coffee swap.  Then one I am suppose to mail.

Well crap.  I feel like a total douchebag.

Why couldn't it have mailed itself?  

Dear Post Office,

I demand that you start devising a way for your boxes to mail themselves as soon as they are packed.  


Owner of a postal box that needs mailing yesterday.

To my coffee mug swapee-

You're box is going straight to the post office tomorrow morning.  

Please forgive me?


I refuse to open my box until I know you have yours :)

Friday, May 4, 2012

High Five Friday!


Changing it up this week and doing a Hive Five Friday!

It's the last day of the semester!  HIGH FIVE!!!

I got my coffee mug swap partner earlier this week.  WOOP!  I had lots of fun looking for the right mug to send.  Now I just have to mail it!  Soo excited!

I have my first blog giveaway winner!!!  Congratulations, Katrin @ Land of Candy Canes!  I'll get in touch with you on Monday and give you all the details.  In the meantime go ahead and check out Sunshine Blooms Facebook page and get some ideas for your blooms!

Hubby has the day off and he's working on the bathroom.  Maybe this week we'll get it together and have a bathroom again!

Earlier this week I announced that I'll be opening my very own Etsy shop this summer.  I am so excited for it.  I have lots of work to get done but I'm so excited about it.  I hope it turns out like I imagine it will. :)

Hope you all have a FANTASTIC weekend.  See you Monday!

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Must have been a man

Hey there, pretty :)

Finals week is almost over.  THANK YOU, JESUS!

Research paper due and one final tomorrow and then I'm done till next semester.  

Which starts Wednesday. 

Yes folks, that is correct.  I have a two day break from one semester till the next.  I don't count the weekend because I already have those off.  

I don't know who came up with that sparkly gem of an idea.   

I'm pretty sure that the date configuration part of their brain was hit with a bag of hammers because it's seriously ridiculous.  

In other news Hubby is on an SNL-The 90s kick.   We're about half way through the 1993 season.  

This has been going on for about 2 weeks.  At this point in the marathon I'm not sure if it's good or bad. 

I'll get back to you on this in 1995.

Opera Man.  Bye Bye.