Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Coffee cups and postal boxes

Today I noticed a box at my door when I got home from couponing.  

Guess what it was?!?!  My coffee cup swap!

How fantastical!!

And then I thought to myself...I wonder if she got mine??

And then...

I see a box sitting in my living room.

Guess what it was?

Nope, not a box of money.  Shucks.

It was the box for my coffee swap.  Then one I am suppose to mail.

Well crap.  I feel like a total douchebag.

Why couldn't it have mailed itself?  

Dear Post Office,

I demand that you start devising a way for your boxes to mail themselves as soon as they are packed.  


Owner of a postal box that needs mailing yesterday.

To my coffee mug swapee-

You're box is going straight to the post office tomorrow morning.  

Please forgive me?


I refuse to open my box until I know you have yours :)


Dani said...

Ha ha don't you just hate when that happens??!!

Liz with the Lovely Life said...

How great of you to wait until you send yours to open it!
And- thanks for the reminder! I have to purchase and send mine off!!
Have a great night Trish!!

Ashley said...

Thank you So Much Trish!!! Now open your box and go crazy I got mine and I love it!!!!