Monday, January 23, 2012

'ello, Gov'na!

Fantastic news!  My ear popped!  Oh, wait...backup Trish.  Ok, I've had this HORRIBLE sickness since Thanksgiving I think.  This lingering cough that, sometime around New Years Eve, decided to turn itself into a full fledged bronchial/nasal mess. While doing so my left ear decided to go out of commission and get plugged.  So for the last three weeks it's been like I've had a piece of cotton wedged deep in my ear.  Hard of hearing doesn't even begin to describe the number of "Huh?", "What's that, baby?", "What did they just say?" and other such things that I have said over the last three weeks.  I've also been able to hear myself chew.  I don't recommend this to anyone.  I've had no joy the last few weeks.  BUT THEN...I came home from class on Friday and had to blow my nose, again, and felt the awesomely painful pop in my ear!  It was GLORIOUS!  I could hear!  The rest of the weekend has been a series of pops in my ear so hopefully the end of "I beg your pardon?"  is coming!

In other news I spent the better part of yesterday afternoon making this necklace (please don't mind the string ends that are still there, I need to superglue the knot before I cut them off):

It's for one of my BIL's girlfriend. Her 17th birthday is Friday.  My MIL had the idea for the bracelet (which she made) and I decided that a necklace was to made as well.  The bracelet is made from all sorts of buttons.  There are four in the middle that will have special meaning to her.  They are from her Nana and Papa.  Her Papa has passed sometime recently and she was very close to him.  The necklace is suppose to be off set.  Hopefully it turn out that way on her! I hope she likes it, too.  It took me forever to get those darned buttons to stay collected together like that.  I had a few more and one by one they didn't make it into the bunch. My MIL really liked it.  She kept asking me where the necklace for J was because she wanted this one!

I'm off to get ready for class.  I think I might actually try to style my hair today!  We'll see how I feel after my shower!  HA!

How'd your weekend go??


Liz with the Lovely Life said...

Your necklaces look seriously awesome Trish!! Do you have an Etsy shop looming in your future?

p.s. what do I have to do to allow people to comment on my blog using their name and URL? All i can do now is let them use their google info..any idea?

Melissa D said...

Nice to meet you as a follower!! What are you going to school for? RT? Oh, and my I highly recommend getting a Mac?!? I love mine!! It is so practical and super slim possibility of a virus!!

Trish said...

Liz- I think that if you change your comment settings to 'anyone' then the url can be left as well. Mine is set that way.

Melissa- Nice to meet you as well!! Yes, I am going to school for Respiratory Therapy. Super excited!! And, thank-you for the advice on a lap top. There are so many choices and I appreciate all the help I can get!