Monday, April 2, 2012

Have no fear! I am still here!!

It feels like FOREVER since I last blogged, doesn't it?  I've been so busy painting, moving, studying blah blah blah that I have completely neglected my poor little blog.  Not having internet at the love shack until a few days ago didn't help, either.

Let's catch up, shall we?

We're getting into the big stuff as far as fixing the love shack goes.  I am getting excited!  Hopefully this week we'll be putting up the last bit of drywall and painting.  Maybe even hanging the kitchen cabinets!  I can't wait until it's complete and we can sit back and relax.  We've already planned our first meal! Well, Hubby planned it and I'll cook it. HAHA!

Things are changing around here!  I've brightened it up a tad.  Good? Bad? No words?

I'm keeping my sponsors up for an additional month.  I want to proclaim my love for all of them but only did half last month :(  So, I will make up for it this month!  HOORAY!

I have no button....I'm working on this situation and will scream for help when I get frustrated.  Thanks in advance.

For today I am going to leave you with this gem.  I was so stoked when I saw it in the bathroom stall at school that I completely forgot why I was there and dug out my camera.  It made my day!

I posted the first stickie with the quote in black crayon and two people responded to it!  Someone wrote in pencil "Life throws curve balls all the time."  And someone else added the sticky written in blue highlighter.  It was there for almost two weeks!  SO FREAKING AWESOME!

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Lesley @ my lively mind said...

i like the new background you have! good luck with the rest of the fixing up. it can be a pain in the ass but fun at the same time (: