Monday, June 4, 2012

Please forgive me, it's nice outside

I had very good intentions of getting back into blogging on the regular.  It's so hard when it so pretty outside. It's also difficult to keep up with studying for spring classes while it's so nice out.

pretend picnic at auntie trish's house
outside naps that included lots of chatter, no napping

Oh, summer, you turn me into an even worse procrastinator than I already am.

Upcoming posts (not necessarily in this order) :

Secret Blogger Swap Revealed-Super Late Edition

What in the deuce bit my leg?

My first attempt at wall paper

How to apply stain to cabinet via newbie who has never done it before

Fourth Anniversary Fishing Trip: We planned it but did we go??

Hubby's Obsession = Movies

Ads that drive me NUTS!

In a land of bobby pins can there be a replacement?

Stay tuned!

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