Thursday, October 6, 2011

Extreme Couponer!

Ok, not extreme.  But I do love to coupon!

I'm sure you've seen the show or at least have heard about it.  Don't believe everything that you see.  The show is exactly that, a show.  You, the normal, everyday shopper are not going to pull off a big haul like that.  Nobody will.  The show is a HUGE exaggeration of what goes on at the register.  And, it's starting to annoy me.  I work hard to cut and organize the 10ish inserts we get every week.  I work hard compiling a grocery list for 5 different stores to save us the maximum amount of money.  I work hard in the grocery store going up and down every isle hoping that the product I am looking for is still in stock.  I work hard at the register making sure everything is ringing up correctly and trying to stay within the stores coupon and transaction limit (and I am super polite while I am doing it).  I work hard organizing the mini stock pile we have.  I WORK HARD at couponing!  And I am NOT a horder, either.  Most of those people on that show have a huge hording problem.  There is absolutely no reason at all for you to purchase 77 bottles of mustard in one shopping trip. NONE!  Unless you're like that guy who donated EVERYTHING in his basement to those less fortunate (he was awesome!). 

(Please be prepared because I am about to go on an extreme rant about the show!)

When the Extreme Couponing show first debuted I was in love.  I though "this is AWESOME!  Maybe I can learn a few things that will help me at the register!"  Nope.  They cut and organize just like I do. What I did learn is what is depicted on the show is not an accurate portrayal of what happens at the register.    I have yet to find a grocery store that will double ALL of my coupons in one transaction or double my coupons when they don't have a doubling policy.  I have yet to find a grocery store that will let me have 21 different transactions in one shopping trip (that's just plain greedy if you ask me). I have yet to find a grocery store that will let me use coupons for one item when they're suppose to be for another.  I have yet to find a grocery store that will let me call ahead and order a ridiculous amount of things and haul them away for me.  Where is this grocery store?  How do I get there?  Does Peter Pan live nearby?

The worst part about this show is that it's telling people that you can get all your grocery's for nothing which isn't true at all.  Here in there real world we eat meat, fresh produce, and lots of other things that don't usually or only in rare circumstances offer coupons.  Also, it's very rare to find a grocery store that will give you an overage.   Because everyone has this idea that you can get so much for free it's hurting those of us who don't abuse the system and are polite at the register.  I have no problem with anyone who wants to clip coupons to save money.  GO FOR IT!  It's so much fun!  But, please, PLEASE, don't ruin it for the rest of us.  It won't be long and coupon policies are going to go out the window.  Let's just hope not!

(That stupid show is giving me such a rash!  BAH!)

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