Saturday, October 8, 2011

Ink, Ink, Ink

Why did I name my blog "The Tattooed Family"?  Well, I'll show you!

Here are my tattoos
I think this is by biggest one!  I love Lilys :)
Stars and Bars..The tattoo Hubby picked out.

Left wrist- Just because I liked it.

My lower back.  This was two separate, unplanned sittings.

Right wrist-my zodiac sign

The tiny one was my first tattoo.

On my thigh, for my Momma :)

I got this one so I would know how it would feel...
..when I got this one!

Hubby's Tattoos
He has too many to add captions to!  HAHA!

I picked this one out for him :)

I'm pretty sure I've probably missed some but you get the picture!

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- Lesley said...

i love tattoos! my hubby and i each have two and we are anxiously awaiting our next ones.