Friday, March 2, 2012

High Five and Follow Friday

Hello My Pretty Friends!  Are you ready for High Five Friday?  If not, oh well, I'm doing it anyway!


1.  Amanda (my brothers girlfriend)  is home and recovering well!  Thank you for all your prayers.  They mean A LOT!

2.  I WON A GIVEAWAY!  How fantastical is that?  I'll let you know what I picked as soon as I pick them!
I won two items from:
from a giveaway on this blog:

3. I crossed off a gazillion and nine (read: 4) things off my 101 list! Read about it here.

4. I HAVE SPONSORS!!  You like me!  You really like me!

5.  At this moment I have a 4.0 in ALL of my classes ( insert Napoleon Dynamite yes with fist pump here).

You're here from Follow Friday?  Well then get cozy and follow away!  If you follow me and leave me a comment with a link to your awesome blog, I'll follow you back!

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Liz with the Lovely Life said...

Of course we love you!!
And Im so happy you are the winner!
Keep up the awesome blog girl!!

Michelle said...

Hahaha DYING at Napoleon Dynamite right now! I do the fist pump all the time.