Friday, December 16, 2011

High Five Friday!!

My top 5 super, fantastic things that happened this week!  YAY!!

Here we go..

#1.  My Momma's birthday was on Sunday and I got to spend the morning with her!

#2.  Hubby took me out to dinner on Wednesday night.  Nothing fancy but we got to spend some time together and did a bit of Christmas shopping!  I love shopping for other people!

#3. Hubby and I love the show "How I Met Your Mother".  He got me hooked on it a couple of Valentines Day's ago and now we only watch it a season at a time. It's so much better without commercials!

#4. MY FINANCIAL AID CAME IN!!!!  I am officially going back to school to finish my degree starting Jan. 14!  WOO HOO!

#5.  This hasn't happened yet but, tomorrow Hubby and I are going to order our jackets.  My dad runs a small farm and every couple of years he buys us Carhartt jackets with the farm name embroidered on the back.  This will be Hubby's first jacket!  So excited!!

 Thanks to the FMGD blog for the link!   :)

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