Thursday, December 8, 2011

Our Lady of 121st Street

Hubby's cousin is a very talented actor.  I got the pleasure of seeing his mad skills in action.  He played a detective (which is hilarious if you know him) in a play called "Our Lady of 121st Street."  When we purchased the tickets we were told that there would be some vulgar language.  They were not kidding.  I think 2 out of the first 3 words were something that would make a sailor blush.  A woman left in the middle of a (very colorful) scene and never came back!   I guess she didn't take the warning seriously? 
I still enjoyed it!  And YAY for Matt for doing such a fantastic job!!

the set

Our Lady of 121st Street by Stephen Adly Guirgis
Mourners have gathered at a Harlem funeral home to pay their respects
to a beloved and feared childhood teacher, Sister Rose. There’s only one
problem – someone’s stolen the body. In a series of sharp vignettes, old
and new friends reminisce about the past and face the reality of whom
they’ve become. As memories are unearthed, vivid shouting matches,
explosive rants and surprisingly touching moments of hope reveal a group
of broken souls and the rough, tumbled neighborhood that formed them.
Raw, gritty and rancorously funny, Our Lady of 121st Street is a deeply
human character study of people in an elusive search for redemption.

Number 34...DONE!

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