Friday, December 30, 2011

High Five Friday!!

 It's the last Friday of 2011! HIGH FIVE!  I'm linking up with From My Grey Desk blog again.  I love her blog!

1.Spending time with my family for Christmas.  Hubby and I were living in Louisiana and this is the first year in over 3 years that we've been able to see everybody!

2. Getting a new blow dryer!  Mine blew up the first year we were in Louisiana and I never bought another one.  I have no idea how I survived that long!

3.  OUR JACKETS CAME IN!  I didn't think that our coats would be in before Christmas.  Huge surprise when we opened them at Dad's house on Sunday.  LOVE IT!

4.  Playing with my niece Dayton.  She is so much fun!

5. Watching CJ and Ella open the toothbrush gifts we got them and needing to IMMEDIATELY brush their teeth.  Priceless!

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